Mark's Platform

Mark's Platform

Active Representation

I will work with you by, returning phone calls, doing site visits, listening and understanding your viewpoints.  I will hold informational town hall meetings on topics as advertised.  I will communicate through emails and social media routinely.  I will be visible in the community for all citizen groups, civic organizations, religious organizations, and business groups requesting my presence.  But most importantly, I will TALK with you in your most comfortable setting.

Advocating for North County

I will be the voice for North County residents fighting for our fair share.  I will do what is necessary to reach across party lines battling for the necessary resources to make our community strong and viable.  I fully understand the St. Louis County region needs to grow and prosper, but not at the expense of North County.  Negative perceptions MUST change.  My job, collaborating with other county departments will develop an action plan together including “community participation” to bring Financial Resources to the North County community.

Community Stabilization

In talking with residents, SAFETY, seems to be the number one issue.  According to the new police Captain in our First Precinct, there is a need for 12 additional police officers, which I fully support.  I believe we must fight CRIME vigorously to reestablish a positive community reputation known countywide.  With reversing the existing perceived narrative, provides our community to grow and prosper in value.  North County must become ATTRACTIVE again.  Through fighting crime and creating a true positive reputation will bring ie; growth, economic development of new businesses and services, increase of property values, better student environment in our school buildings, and home ownership.  North County deserves the right to be the best place, to live, raise a family, work, and play.  Pride in homeownership must also be restored.  Vacant properties deteriorating must be raised and existing property preservation   code enforcement should be available to assist as a resource to bring neglected properties into compliance.  Grant programs and incentives should be made available to property owners to beautify their property and bring into compliance.  I would like to make these things happen.

Supporting Working Families

Education is a priority.  Partnering with the Community College for the residents of North County with offerings and bringing needed new programs of value, needs to be established.  Programs such as – household finance, establishing a checking and savings account, home ownership responsibilities and duties, how to do home maintenance, and being a productive responsible member of a community, just to name a few.

Expanding safe public transportation is a necessity for our community.  I would like to see these services expanded for everyone to share.

Jobs are a necessity for communities’ growth.  By creating a safe environment, new businesses will be attracted to our community.  As more people can be employed the wealth of our community increases attracting even more new businesses that creates a positive economic impact.  As available jobs increase our community becomes more financially valuable.

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