About Mark Behlmann

“No one cares how much you KNOW, until they know how much you CARE.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Mark J. Behlmann currently serves as President of the Hazelwood School District Board of Education for 21 years. He also belongs to several organizations including Florissant Rotary Club and club Treasurer, Co-Chairman of North Star Boy Scouts of America, President of TEAM, board member on the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce, North County Incorporated, Florissant Old Town Partners, Old Jamestown Association, Spanish Lake Community Association, Carpenters Local 97, The Elks Club, Christian Hospital PFAC, and Coldwater Creek Just the Facts committee.

Mark served as president for the Florissant Parks Foundation and Pallottine FOP.  He also served as board director for Missouri Securities Investment Program (MOSIP).  He volunteers for the TEAM Emergency Assistance Ministry Food Pantry, the Christian Hospital Patient Family Advisory Council, the Saint Ferdinand Shrine, the Florissant Historical Society, the Florissant Vietnam Veterans of America chapter 794, and is a staunch advocate of the North County Community.

He has earned the Master Certified Board Member Certification from MSBA, NCI Outstanding Citizen Award, Old Jamestown Citizen of the Year, Trinity Catholic High School Hall of Fame, Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) Community Service Award, the Christian Hospital Foundation Community Vision Award 2017,  Greater North County Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Award, ELKs Distinguished Citizen Award, Outstanding Young Men of America Award, North County Churches United for Racial Harmony and Justice CARES Certificate Award, and Exceptional Achievement “OBELISK” Award from the Certified Builders Guild.

Mark; is a widower of 10 years, with 1 married daughter that works for the USDA, a Son-in-law who is an operator in local 513, and 2 grandchildren 16 and 14 years old.  He has lived in North County his entire life of 61 years.  Is still a card carrying member of local 97 Carpenters since 1976.  Owned and operated M J Behlmann Construction Company 1987-2011 a custom home building company – builder/developer of Parc Argonne Estates.

A Message

From Mark Behlmann

Mark Behlmann

My name is Mark Behlmann, and I would like to introduce myself to you as a candidate for the St. Louis County COUNCIL DISTRICT 4.  I am 61 years old, and a widower.  I was born and raised in North County, have live here my entire life, and have operated my custom homebuilding business here in North County. I am the builder/ developer/ designer of Parc Argonne Estates.

I was married for 34 years, had one daughter, and have two granddaughters.  In 1975, when first married, my wife Cathy and I lived in the Castle Point subdivision for three years until building our first home together in Parc Argonne Forest.  I became a union carpenter in 1976 and started my career trade as my father and uncles did previously.  I learned the carpenter’s trade and in 1987 opened my own construction business M. J. Behlmann Construction Company Inc.  I personally worked with every client we built for.  My wife was the owner/operator/broker of her company Century 21 Behlmann Real Estate, and she handled the retail end. I sold and designed each custom home, managed the construction process too successful completion and move in.  My wife passed away in 2010 from cancer, and I retired from building in 2011.

As part of my belief, I have a favorite quote, “I do not trust words, I trust actions.  People can tell you anything, but actions tell you everything”. Our companies always believed in giving back to the community, so I started volunteering in 1993.  At that time, I became incredibly involved in volunteering, beginning with the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce as a past president, and I am currently back on the board today.  In 1995 I supported the North County Community, spearheading the fight against new construction of low -income subsidized housing apartments, at the location where Arrowpoint elementary school is today.  The St. Louis County Housing Authority on August 31, 1995 managed 5430 total voucher holders, with 3360 units or 61.87% located in North County.  In 2019 StLCHA, in 58 zip codes managed 6031 voucher holders.  Out of the 15 North County zip codes, the StLCHA now manages 4236 units or 70.23% of which are in North County.  This growing disproportionate amount of subsidized housing in North County MUST change and be shared and included in other parts of St. Louis County.

In 1997, I was elected to the Hazelwood School District Board of Education, and I am still there today as president.  I am the president of TEAM, the local community food pantry.  I am a board member and treasurer of the Florissant Rotary Club, and immediate past chairman and now co-chairman of the North Star District Boy Scouts of America, along with many other involvements.

I have been active in the community on dozens of issues and now I wish to represent YOU, the voters and residents of North County.  Why and How?

I feel there is a huge disconnect with the current representation, and have learned that most people are unfamiliar that they have a representative in the County Govt.  that is elected to work for ALL residents’ needs – someone who will return phone calls and is willing to come view whatever the situation is and someone who is going to be the strong, loud voice to improve North County.  This is my commitment that I will follow through with and do.

I believe it starts with cleaning up CRIME and fighting for the necessary amount of qualified police officers the First Precinct needs and wants to make our community safe.  By doing so, North County can re-establish a positive perception to live, work, shop and play in.  Changing a negative perception and having a strategy will attract new businesses to come into our community, creating a positive economic development process.  This will also contribute to increasing property values.  Also, the exterior residential conditions must be maintained and improve to keep our communities vibrant and valued as a quality place to live.  As a community we must partner with our local churches and religious organizations to get the positive activities and message to all residents about a NORTH COUNTY RENAISSANCE.

It takes active leadership and I am willing to work hard and provide action to improve North County.

On August 4TH, I am requesting your vote of confidence to lead our community to become a better place to live.

Mark J Behlmann
Candidate for St. Louis County COUNCIL DISTRICT 4



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